So I got a new keyboard.  The Logitech K400r.  Small, wireless keyboard with attached touchpad.  The perfect keyboard for lounging on the couch and controlling my Raspberry Pi on the big screen.  This was why I bought the thing and it works great with Raspbian.  But how does it work with Windows 8?

The keyboard works automatically once powered on and paired with the USB receiver.  Windows detects as expected and “ta-da”…keyboard and mouse.  Next I decided to try SetPoint so I can control the settings on the device such as Hot Keys, mouse tapping and gesture features, and programmable buttons.  No software was included with the K400r; however, located it easily at Logitech’s website and downloaded the full installer.  I installed SetPoint and rebooted the computer.  (I installed on a Dell Latitude E6530 running Windows 8.1)

Once launched, I discovered that the “Keyboard” and “Mouse” tabs were both missing.  Having not used SetPoint in ever, I kept looking at images from the Logitech Manual and the installed program on my computer.  Why were my features missing?  I did a little research and found a quick solution.  Use the Unifying Software (included with SetPoint) to un-pair and re-pair the K400r.

Okay…I now have a “Keyboard” tab, but no “Mouse” tab.  WTF, right?  SO again, Binged around a bit and found another solution:

  1. Uninstall SetPoint.
  2. Turn off the K400r.
  3. Remove the USB receiver.
  4. Remove Logitech registry keys.  (CCleaner works.)
  5. Reboot.
  6. Install SetPoint.
  7. Reboot.
  8. Connect the USB receiver.
  9. Restart SetPoint.
  10. Turn on K400r.

I guess the keyboard cannot be connected prior to the installation of SetPoint?  I can care less to investigate the true cause.  All I know, is it works now and I can control the settings for both keyboard and touchpad.

On a side note, the K400r is the new version of the K400.  The K400r touchpad is designed for Windows 8, otherwise, it’s the same as before.  (Different Windows logo on the keyboard too.)  The packaging still says K400; however, the sticker under the keyboard indicates it is a K400r.