Only one of the coolest events ever!  Runners navigate through a maze of shambling zombies on a course towards a finish line.  Zombies engage runners in an attempt to prevent their completion of the race.  The runners each posses three flags Velcro'd to a belt.  Lose all three to an un-dead friend and you are out of the race.  Simple concept and an incredibly fun day.

Phoenixville, PA is hosting the 2nd Annual Zombie Run and Fun Day.  (Official Facebook Page)  This is an all day event in town.  Not only is there a race, but there are awards, games, food, music, and lots of fun...for the whole family.  Leading up to November 1st, it is likely Phoenixville business establishments will include some sort of cross-promotion for the event.  In 2013, Iron Hill crafted an awesome zombie themed beer...of course I forget the name.  😉

The pictures here are of me from the race in 2013, the 1st ever in Phoenixville.  We got to the event fairgrounds at 5:00am for makeup.  I'm glad I got there early, as the line can be a tad lingering.  The staff applying the makeup were absolute pros, giving each zombie a special touch.  The team of artists that provided special effects for the Penhurst Asylum (among others), an attraction a few towns over populated around Halloween.

Once I "turned" cosmetically, acting the part was a breeze.  Getting into the spirit of the theme was important amongst the party I was with.  Limping around, grunting, and making the norms uneasy prior to the race was a blast.  Like Mos Def in Island of the really gotta get into character.  Sure it's nerdy...but so what?  It's fucking zombies!

Once the race starts, you get with your party and meander at a pre-designated location on the course.  The course in 2013 zig-zag'd through residential areas nearby to Reeves Park, which was the hub of the entire operation.  At your location, maybe an intersection or a narrow street, the zombie lunges at passing runners, grasping at flags.  You are restricted to a 15' radius of where you are positioned.

It is unfair to chase a runner to his or her death from blocks away.  Part of the fun for both the zombies and runners, is when the zombie acts like a real zombie.  A Romero zombie...not a 28 Weeks Later "zombie".  In the end, the fun for me was just acting dead and scaring runners.  The runners have the hard part and don't need to sprint the entire race.  If you have a party in a general area, you can setup a strategy to funnel runners into a trap...forcing them into undesired paths and quick decisions.

Here are some links.  Runners, Volunteers, Vendors, Spectators, and of course Zombies are all wanted.  :