This is such a great game.  A zombie survival and choose your own adventure format with an RPG feel, perfect for casual and committed gamers.  You play as a survivor in a city overrun with a human population either infected, dead & upright, or other.  Each decision you make leads to one or more possible effects on your character.  You choose how you want to play by improving stats in specific skill-sets, then leverage those skills to aid in deciding your path.

The game has eight possible endings.  Many times I have played (on Normal), each time finishing with "Grade F" or "Grade F-".  Even games where I found the most basic ending or I felt I was really close to better ending...still an "F".  Not one "D-" even.  Naturally, after playing through several times, I started to find my path.  Focusing on skills found to assist in my path early on, such as Firearms, Melee, Lock-picking, and Computers, I happened to find one of the endings.  Not to mention, as a computer nerd, this ending seems plausible somehow.  (For when the zombies actually take over.)

There were a couple times I searched the Internet for forums or posts regarding gameplay tips.  Results were scarce.  I didn't want a walk-through...just some tips, specifically around resting and training.  With my experience, training early on and building those four skills just mentioned, eventually I was able to hack and lock-pick certain decisions with expected outcomes.  I was able to keep exploring without having to spend so many days resting and training.  This was highly advantageous when the days become limited.  In addition, I stumbled upon a way to delay the meltdown at the nuclear plant.  Major sigh-of-relief here.  😉

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I'll have to now find a few other endings, but I feel confident in doing so based on the strategy of increasing important skills early and often prior to deep exploration.  =]

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